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I thrive in a space where I can be a versatile designer, solving big problems. I enjoy creating beautiful experiences and putting users first. Because of this, I would enjoy working in a diverse and innovative workplace where I can grow as a UX designer.

German Salazar



UX & Visual Designer

02/2017 – Present

  • Taking a user-centered design approach, I develop and deliver wireframes, user journeys, mockups, and prototypes optimized for a wide range of hardware devices and interfaces.
  • I conduct usability tests and synthesize research to deliver to stakeholders


UX UI Design Apprentice

11/2020 – 03/2021

  • At Thinkful I had the opportunity to complete 800+ hours of project-based and frontend development work online under the mentorship of an accomplished UX manager professional.
  • Learned industry best practices and design process standards with a focus on UX research, visual design, and front-end development.
  • Created and deployed projects while learning new tools (Figma, Invision studio, Webflow) and frameworks by collaborating several hours every week with a UX manager.

Elokuent Inc

Visual designer

03/2020 – 11/2020

  • Developed interactive prototypes for a more efficient invoicing process as well as a new proofing workflow aiming to reduce process time by 80%.
  • Worked with web developers to transform design ideas into fully functioning and responsive websites.
  • Designed brand identities for a variety of companies.
  • Communicated directly with clients (English and Spanish)
    ensuring customer satisfaction and vision for their creative projects.


Design intern

01/2019 – 04/2019

  • Created initial concepts, wireframes and functional designs for developers and senior staff.
  • Developed branding and digital media assets.
  • Contributed to the innovative development of the agency.


Graphic web designer

08/2018 – 05/2019

  • Worked alongside college marketing team and played an integral part in designing web pages as well as major marketing materials for the UCF Celebrates the Arts annual festival (attended by 8,000+ patrons).


UX design
UI design
Visual design
User research
User testing
Web design
Digital illustration


Adobe Xd
Adobe Creative Suite
Premiere Pro
After Effects


External Relations Officer


  • Reached out to community leaders for speaking engagements, helped coordinate events and raised funds to help students attend the Creative South Conference.


AIGA Orlando Mentorship Program

  • Enhanced personal brand and networking skills. Showcased final project at the 2018 SPOT Awards Showcase.


UX/UI Bootcamp

Thinkful | Online

11/2020 – 04/2021

Graphic Design | Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Central Florida | Orlando

08/2014 – 05/2019

“where are you from?”

Contrary to what my name might lead you to believe, I grew up in Bogotá, Colombia—not Germany—and moved to the US when I was eleven—and it’s pronounced [ her-mon ], in case you were trying to pronounce it.

My artistic skills have always been prevalent, but when it came time to select a major, the thought of having a good-paying job prevailed, and I went with engineering.

Bogotá Museo Nacional de Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia
Oviedo Econ trail
Oviedo, FL

Change of plans

Apparently, the criterion I used was not the best—the following year, I found myself drawing cow skulls for my drawing class. I was now on the path to become a graphic designer.

cow skull drawing
Cow skull drawing
Studio drawing
Studio drawing as part of my major

graphic design

I hit the ground running, and before I had mastered any skills in the graphic design field, I was interning at a chamber of commerce in Orlando. This opportunity enriched my career and opened doors to many companies where I got to work: such as FastSigns, Elokuent, and Bigeye.

Upon graduating with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, I decided to take a year to travel and experience the world, working as a server and freelancer to save up for this hiatus.

Oviedo Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce business cards
Your life limitless logo
Buoyansea logo
Fleap flea spray stand
Christmas in July illustration
Laurel logo
green bug logo
Mobile tire truck with Restires logo overlay
Graphic design porfolio
Poznan, Poland
Poznan, Poland

Change of plans

One day, my friend asked me what I have always wanted to do but had not done. I told him I liked the idea of interviewing people and maybe starting something along the lines of a podcast.

That question gave birth to The Underthought, a podcast based on the premise of taking action and not overthinking decisions.

Well, it did not take long before we were sharing his interesting life-story and producing three episodes a week. I designed all the visual elements while he edited the tracks.

When we got to the 75th episode, I left to teach English in Poland and traveled through Europe before all world travel came to a halt.

underthought sticker on top of rug
The Underthought sticker
underthought studio
My friend and I on the "set"

Landing on a stepping stone

Upon returning to the US, Pedro—the owner of Elokuent where I had my second internship—contacted me, saying he would love to have me on the team, and considering I enjoyed my previous time there, I was thrilled.

I agreed and I had a fruitful experience, coming up with lots of new ideas and, according to them, asking many interesting questions. It was there that I realized I wanted to become a UX designer.

This realization came when I noticed something—while designing business cards came easy to me—the real excitement came from researching more efficient processes around the office.

Elokuent store front with mailbox
Elokuent office


One day, almost a year later, I came across an ad for the Thinkful UX UI course on Instagram. Knowing it was full time, I was sad to leave behind the coworkers who are now my friends, but I enrolled in the program excited for the new opportunities.

At Thinkful, I learned career-ready skills in research, web design, and teamwork that have transformed me into a more valuable UX designer.